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Adult Program


Islam for Adults classes (KBD) is a part-time Islamic study that offers basic modules to meet the needs of those who do not have the opportunity to go for formal religious learning. This program emphasizes the aspects of understanding and appreciation that can be applied in daily life.

By following this program, they can fully understand the basics of Islam and understand the teachings of Islam more clearly in order to practice it as best as possible in the daily life. This program is conducted in Malay.

Learning Outcome


Mastering the core disciplines, understanding the concept of integration in disciplines and being able to relate (worldly and hereafter) to daily life.

Understanding of Maqasid Syariah, has a clear Islamic world view and able to apply in accordance to the current context.

Believing Giving and Piety

Has praiseworthy morals and is able to put something in its place (insan adabi).

Adhering to the Quran and Sunnah in daily life and having a deep belief in Islam.

Admission Criteria:

  • This program is open to all aged 17 years and above.

  • Participants do not need to have a formal religious education background to attend this program. 


Tuition Fees:

  • Registration $20.00

  • Monthly $48

  • Fees do not include books and supplementary notes.

Program Duration and Time

The program will be held in a modular manner for 2 years. Each module will take 12 weeks. Lessons will be held once a week for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Semester 1 (6 Months)

Term 1 : Jan - Mac (13 Weeks)

  • Study Week: 12 weeks

  • Module 1: 12 weeks

  • School Break: 1 week

Term 2 : Apr -Jun (13 Weeks)

  • Study Week: 12 weeks

  • Module 2: 12 weeks

  • School Break: 1 week

Semester 2 (6 Months)

Term 3 : Jul - Sep (13 Weeks)

  • Study Week : 12 weeks

  • Module 3: 12 weeks

  • School Break : 1 week

Term 4 : Oct - Dec (13 Weeks)

  • Study Week: 12 weeks

  • Module 4: 12 weeks

  • School Break: 1 week

Two modules will be replaced with a lecture in a year.


Reference Books

Books are available for purchase at the centres or online i.e. shop.darulandalus.com


The books used for this program are KBR 1 to 4 textbooks and recommended titles for additional reading.

Assessment and Certification

No exams throughout the study. Participants will be evaluated based on attendance and participation in classes and KBD Lectures.


Certificate award

Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation if they successfully meet the following conditions:

  • Completing 16 modules in a period of not more than 3 years.

  • Meets 80% attendance rate for each module.

  • Comply with the rules and regulations set by the Board.

  • Confirmation from the Academic Department.

  • Has paid the fee.

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